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The world of health and wellness is teeming with information, and even for professionals in the field, it’s a lot to keep up with! If you’re looking for a way to stay up to date with the latest topics so that you can optimize your own health, look no further!

I created this Health Newsletters so that I can help people break down and understand science-based wellness topics in a way that isn’t overwhelming and actually makes sense. I put this newsletter together because so many people tell me that the information they read and hear is often contradictory, doesn’t make sense, and generally makes them feel confused. My goal is to use my background knowledge and expertise to help clarify questions and ease concerns.

Whether you’re someone who always has their nose in the latest health news articles or you’re just looking to dip a toe into new information every now and then, this newsletter is the perfect way to get reliable information and advice sent directly to your inbox.

Meet Lara Cawthra, Facilitator of the Health Newsletters

I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact in the world by helping people create their own healthy life. I believe that many people settle for mediocrity when they deserve greatness, and it is my honour to help you realize your potential so that you can achieve everything you desire and more.

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Hands on Health Family Chiropractor

Incorporate New Healthy Habits Into Your Routine

Together, we’ll be exploring a myriad of health and wellness topics. From breathwork to blue light, and fasting to fascia, the information I’ll be sharing will help you gain a more well-rounded perspective on what health is so that you can start making small changes in your everyday life.

Each email will focus on a specific topic and will be accompanied by tips or advice that you can immediately implement. I will also serve as a resource should you have follow-up questions or concerns about your own health issues in relation to the topics being discussed.

I feel confident that this resource is valuable to many people, including you! I hope to see your name on the list.

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